Are you not keeping record of your website’s metrics? Or Are you the one who is making efforts in tracking the site’s metrics but further not implementing your efforts in accordance to your findings. Both the situations are worthless.

To boost your website performance, it is prominent that you should go ahead and take the action based on your findings. Top SEO Services Company completely analyze the key metrics for the site and workuponthe same to offer a well-performed website. Once you have track of your website’s  metrics then it because easy for you to proceed with the same. But the question arises to which metrics you need to pay heed. To gain a competitive edge over others there is a need to focus more on various metrics besides Google Keyword rankings and bounce rates which might be less known to you and are still vital for every website to rank higher in the search engines.

In this Blog, we will discuss some of the website metrics that you need to know so as to improve your site performance.

1- Number of Pages Receiving Visitors From Search Engines

When you notice significant increase or decrease in your site traffic then it is not necessarily the effect of the changes in keyword demand or good ranking of your existing pages. Some might think that it is due to the changes in the no. of your site pages indexed by Google which is one of the less obvious reason. You may see significant changes or ups and downs in traffic without doing anything this is simply because Google is crawling intensively deeper on your website.

So, how you could get benefit from this? For instance, if you add content on your site and those pages don’t get indexed then there is some problem and if search engine crawls it then you can notice this as a positive impact for your site performance. Now suppose if you have modified your site’s navigation structure and soon after getting more visitors then mark it as a useful practice and continue to implement in future for better website performance.

2- Backlink Profile

Backlinks play a major role in SEO. While considering this metrics for your site remember that in case of backlinks quality is something that matters the most instead of quantity. Even a single backlink from a high-authority site is worthwhile rather than lots of low-quality backlinks. Nowadays Google can also penalize you if you depends on too many low-quality backlinks. So focus on your backlink profile instead of the numbers of the backlinks.

Now you have understand the need of quality backlinks, you must be curious to know how to get quality backlinks. Well let me tell you content is the king nowadays. Write valuable content and get into guest blogging. Always remember not to include cheap links into your blogging. Best Digital Marketing Services in Delhi is also considering high-quality backlinks for better visibility of businesses in Google.

3- Crawl Errors

Besides various other things, Google Search Console shows you crawl errors by default. Without any doubt you must act instantly if you notice crawl errors, due to this some parts of your site won’t be able to perform as they are supposed to and will not be able to generate traffic on your website.The errors on your website should be addressed first because it will affect your entire site.Crawl Errors