Growing your presence on various social media channels becomes the need of the hour. Almost everyone remains active on one or another social platform. Every business owner wants to reach the maximum number of targeted audience anyhow. For this, there is nothing better than having an active profile and presence on social media. Even the best Website Development Company in India suggests being active on sites like Twitter, Instagram, and many more for boosting your business. But being busy in your business makes it difficult for you to manage your social media accounts. That’s why we are here to tell you some of the social media automation tools secrets to grow your business rapidly.

1- FollowLiker

You sometimes might feel amazed how your competitors reached great numbers of Instagram followers in very less span of time? Yes, it’s easy now to gain followers on Instagram without running any ads or additionally paying for increasing your followers. FollowLiker tool will help you in this. Let’s see what does FollowLiker do?

  • FollowLiker is a tool that automates various actions on social media and if used intelligently can gain large number of targeted Instagram followers per month.
  • According to your input, you can automate actions for example: like, follow, unfollow and comment on photos.

Advantages of Using FollowLiker

  • It helps you to automate engagement with users such as like, comment, and follow. In case you are following huge followers, in return you will get the same amount of follows. Besides the target demographic these followers are the actual users who frequently interact with the posted content.
  • It is also useful in targeting engagement by particular criteria, like the name of a direct competitor or entire industries according to the hash tags.
  • Moreover, you can also target based on the location and interact with that Instagram posts with tagged location.
  • You can even ensure that FollowLiker is not engaging with less than the expected profiles or content by inserting blacklisted keywords or hash tags.

2- Instazood

If you want to offer an incentive to your new Instagram followers say thank you in a nice manner then Instazood is the perfect tool for you. Let’s have a look what does Instazood do?

  • While getting a new follower on Instagram this tool automates direct message.
  • Whether you have followers or not Instazood sends a direct message to a custom list of users.
  • It also protects your account from being blocked by limiting the number of direct messages sent every hour.

Advantages of Using Instazood

  • Helps you in generating traffic to the recent promotions by sending an incentive such as code or coupon relevant to your business.
  • New followers feel being valued and would take interest in your profile.

3-, an automated tool for Twitter automatically shares content from specific accounts or groups. It is a time saving solution for making your presence wider on the Twitter. This tool automates Tweets sharing and searching while enabling greater control including the content type, source, hash tags of interest, etc. With the help of you can share your company Twitter account among multiple contributors without disclosing the password. Let us discuss what does RoundTeam do?

  • To develop niche communities, automated retweeting is used on Twitter and sum up entire updates from trusted authors.
  • Use specific parameters to target groups or accounts by sending automated direct messages.

Advantages of using RoundTeam

  • It is essential to have an active account on Twitter for making your online reputation stronger. If used smartly, this tool feature like sharing content automatically can help you in keeping your Twitter account active without posting many times a day by yourself.
  • It could be tough to stand out on Twitter. But with RoundTeam you can send an automated direct message of ‘Thank You’ to the new followers. In this way you can stand out from the crowd and can begin with a conversation that is potentially favourable.

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