Use the Right Keywords

Yes, keywords play a crucial role while making your SEO strategy for your online store. But it doesn’t necessarily mean to overload your offering titles and descriptions by using the relevant keywords; rather the keywords should be present in the copy. Use your main keywords in your product description, Meta description, headline, sub-headlines, and image alternate attributes. It is also suggested to use LSI (latent semantic index) keywords from beginning to end of the content piece in order to make Google understand what your page is all about.

Conduct Competitor Research

If you are confused or don’t have an idea from where, to begin with, your on-site optimization for your eCommerce website then look at your competitor’s work. Analyzing your competitors can help you to know the useful secrets which they are already using on their websites themselves. SEO Company in Delhi first analyzes all your competitors’ strategy and then make their unique strategy accordingly to stay ahead in the SEO competition.

The primary thing to focus on is the specific keywords. So the first thing you need to do is just analyze the important keywords which your competitors are using on their homepage and their leading product pages. You can use Moz browser extension to have a look at the title and description which your competitors are using for SEO. Various tools such as Semrush are also available in the market to know what keywords your competitors are ranking on for organic as well as paid search.

Focus on Homepage SEO

Most of the businesses invest their time and money on the homepage typically for better SEO. Undoubtedly, the homepage is one of the top pages of your eCommerce site to consider for on-page optimization but remember not to forget the other pages of your website. The major thing to focus on for your homepage optimization is Homepage Title Tag, Homepage Meta Description, and Homepage Content.

Simplify Your Site Architecture

Site architecture is something that needs to be simple and easy for the user to navigate. While adding products and categories to your eCommerce website make it as simple as easy for the users as well as for the search engine optimization. Try to make easy to follow the internal linking structure that is not much deep so that with a clear internal linking structure it would be able for search engine bots to discover your web pages and products. Make sure that the users can reach everything within in few clicks. Right from the homepage to the other internal linkings of your product they need to be reached with as many minimum clicks as possible. Website Development Company in Delhi creates a simple, easy to understand and navigate site structure.