There is always a risk involved when you optimize your website. But it is important to get updated with the latest technology and trends. There is always a risk involved but these risks sometimes are worth taking. Before doing any modification or updating your website, you should consult with the SEO Company in Delhi. Let’s have a look at some of the SEO strategies that involved risks but might work wonders for your business.

1- Enhancing Your Site’s URL Structure

Your homepage URL should be simple and short which can be remembered easily. It should only be your company name like Following pages should contain targeted keywords and be more focused about the webpage content. If your site URL is descriptive and too long then search engine will shorten their display with a […]. The need of the hour is to revamp your website URL structure. The risk involved in changing the URL structure of the site is that it can impact your search engine rankings. Just do it in a streamlined structure then surely it will appeals to the internet users as well as search engines.
2- Getting & Giving High-Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are the most prominent part that helps you to get higher visibility on the search engines. They not only useful in getting higher ranking on the search engines but also build authority. Giving link to another website may involved risk but however it shows Google that you are referencing the high authority websites. But while getting backlinks from another site for your business just remember that they are not of poor quality because Google penalized those sites having more poor-quality backlinks.

3- Making & Testing Large and Small Changes

The main purpose of SEO is to get more traffic and more revenue in your business. This will only be possible if someone clicks on your website in the top position. It is of no use even if your site is ranking well on some specific keywords but no one is visiting your site. There could be some reasons due to which your website is not performing well. You could use A/B testing for this. Just take single element at a time such as titles, Meta descriptions, content or any other element and test them against new variations. This test will results in evaluating the appropriate layout and wording combination that helps you in gaining more traffic and revenue. The risk is worth it, because it helps you to find the right results that works well for your business website and thereafter you will be able to focus on those elements so as to gain more traffic and better revenue.

4- Overhauling Your Website

With the latest designing trends and modern technologies, websites should get redesigned and updated. Redesigning your website might be risky. Though, it gives a new and modern look to your site. But you have to make extra efforts to optimize your site for search engines.

May be your site looks outdated or maybe it is not performing or functioning well, or users may find it difficult to navigate whatever be the reason there is a need to redesign your website. Just like changing the structure of the URL, such kinds of changes also impacts your website rankings. But no need to worry Google understands that every website needs some changes or gets updated so your ranking will bounce back. Updating your site also has chances of gaining new customers.

5- Buy Expired or Available Domains

Few website owners, don’t renew their domains might be due to some reasons. Then anyone can buy or use these domains. If you will purchase these types of links and use them for your website then it would be easy and quick for you to grow the valuable backlinks to your website. There is a risk involved in using expired domains as the spammed links and content associated with that specific site will move on to your site. You site ranking might decrease or you might get penalized by Google. The domain you buy should be related to your business as it would be frustrating visiting a site that is not relevant to your actual search. This strategy is not very expensive and is capable enough to gain more traffic to your website if done correctly.
If you follow the best practices then the above mentioned tactics can take your business to a long way. Want faster results? You should opt for PPC Services in Delhi to gain more visitors in less time.