To make yourself and your business updated with the latest trends and technologies you need to implement the best practices for your website. An outdated website is driving your customers away. You need to update your website today for bringing some positive changes in your business. Here are some signs that show that your website is outdated and you need to take assistance from the best Website Designing Company in India.

1- Your Website is Not Responsive    

According to a survey it has been found that more than half of the population is using mobile phones for online searching. So, the need of the hour is to go responsive. If your website is not mobile-friendly then you need to redesign it today with the assistance of best Website Designing Company in Delhi. Your website must be accessible to both the desktop as well as the mobile users.

2- Poor Content

The low quality piece of content and duplicate content these days are ground for penalty from Google. If you are not offering valuable content to your audience or your content is stuffed with the keywords that makes is useless for readers or making it difficult to read or understand. At this point, you are losing out your game. If you don’t update your posts frequently then you have to. Providing something useful and interesting to the readers regularly will help you to boost your site visibility. If you website is consisting of the low quality content then you need to change it today.

3- You are Socially Invisible

Are you unable to reach your potential customers? If you don’t have social sharing buttons on your articles and blog posts then you are unable to reach to your potential customers. So you must integrate “like” or “share” options on your blog posts. Today social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter become most important for online business. Most of the business owners are using these social networking sites to connect with the potential customers. Website Designing Company in Delhi helps you to make your business socially visible by connecting your website posts to various social media channels.

4- Your Website is Too Slow

If your website is even taking one second more to load then it may have 7% less chance of conversion. It is necessary that your website should loads quickly. The loading time of a website must be fast particularly if you have an ecommerce website. If your website is taking more than 3 seconds to load, then you should contact the leading Website Designing Company in India that could make some updates and increase the speed of your website. Reducing HTTP requests, optimizing images and compressing components can help you to boost your website speed.

5- Page Rank of Your Website is Low

Well, this might not necessarily a sign of an outdated website but having a low page rank is a symbol of SEO problems that needs to be resolved to be visible on the first page of the Google. You can take the SEO Service in Delhi to solve all your SEO issues. The factors that is crucial for page rank involves quality content, keywords, updates, loading times, links and many more.