There are various reasons that a web developer would want to choose a framework, particularly because they offer a structured, efficient fast-track towards developing web applications or APIs. They make sure that code doesn’t have to be written repeatedly again and again for common functionality such as security and authentication, database handling, template, URL-handling, and other needs. PHP is the most trendy server-side programming language, That’s why website designing company in Delhi uses PHP frameworks to build more complex, secure, and well-rounded web applications faster than ever before. Let’s us discuss some of the best frameworks for PHP.

1- Laravel

As far as frameworks go, Laravel takes the cake with the most number of personal and professional users. According to a survey, Laravel is the best framework for PHP development. Laravel is suitable to perform common tasks such as queue analysis, session, authentication, restful routing with its own elegant syntax and template engine blade.

2- Symfony

Symfony is one of the most dependable PHP frameworks because of fast adaptability and broadly used documentation. It supports multiple databases shown below as.

  • MySQL database
  • PostgreSQL database
  • SQLite or any other PDO-compatible database

Moreover, Symfony contains PHP-libraries which can be used again and again and helps in various tasks such as forms creation, objects and templates configurations and authentications.

3- Codelgniter

CodeIgniter is simple yet powerful PHP framework. It is well known for its flexibility and hassle-free installation. It is the best choice for beginners because of its easy learning curve. This PHP framework has an unlimited space for creation. CodeIgniter is speedy with databases tasks as compared to other frameworks.

4- Cake PHP

Cake PHP is one of the oldest frameworks and still has a strong user base with growing community. Cake PHP 3.x developers enhanced management of sessions, as well as increased the possibility of creating a larger number of individual libraries. Another advantage of using this framework is to ensure a high level of protection to your web application as it has the following features.

  • Prevents cross-site scripting
  • Input validation
  • Protects against cross-site request forgery

Cake PHP

5- Zend Framework

Zend is stable and robust framework suggested for large level enterprise projects. It is the best PHP framework due to its reliability, high-performance MVC and easy to use database abstractions. Zend framework uses PHP 5.3 features and reliable solutions with lots of configuration options. It is advised not to use Zend framework for small applications rather it is best suited for large-scale projects.

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