1- Relying on a Free Website Builder

Various drag & drop website building apps are available in the market which allows you to launch a new site easily in less time. But do you think it is a great idea to rely on such types of free website builder? Of Course not! These types of services add various code lines to the back end which ultimately make your site slower to load. It may further have an impact on performance and can cause countless errors. If you have the issue of budget restrictions then you can buy a premium theme that has the style & look of your ideal site. There is countless professional Web Designing Company in Delhi that can customize a theme in a cost-effective manner.

2- Your Website doesn’t have Contact Information Easy to Find or Access

Once on a homepage of your site, most of the visitors look for the contact information and if they will not find any contact information they immediately leave the site and move to your competitor’s website. You must have the user get in touch with you to create a conversion. It is vital to include the contact page, phone number, address, email, contact page or other forms of contact to gain the opportunity.

3- Failing to Use Responsive Design

As in this digital era, more than half of the searches are conducted on mobile gadgets, so it becomes the need of the hour to go responsive. Having a website that displays properly on smart phones and tablets would be of great advantage for your business. Also from a recent update, if your site is not easy to use on mobile then Google penalizes it and your website will rank lower than before in search engine result pages. So if you want to generate leads online then you must consult a SEO Service in Delhi that use responsive design well and rank you higher in various search engines.

4- Lacking Top-Quality Content Throughout

Quality content is of the utmost importance for the websites to rank higher on the search engines. Your website is of no use if it does not contain attractive and informative content. A website must include the content that tells the users about your business and has the power to engage visitors and increase conversion rates. You can look at the bounce rate and CTR to determine whether your content is of high quality or not. This will allow you to evaluate people are viewing which pages and whether taking actions on the website or leaving it quickly. Give priority to content while designing a website.

5- Poor Use of Headers, Sidebars & Footers

People often think that heading areas, sidebars, and footers are mainly designed for advertisements. After all, it’s of great advantage when a web page displays more ads & banners particularly when there is less content to go along with it. Headers, sidebars, and footers can be best used for additional navigation within the website. This simply means that you must consider the importance of design and make proper use of it throughout the website.

6- Dealing with Broken & Poorly Optimized Pages

It is a worse situation when a potential buyer clicks a link on your site and sees “Page Not Found” particularly when it is a landing or product page. It might also happen sometimes that the page may exist but not display well because of a broken plug-in and a website conflict. Many sites neglect their product descriptions and do not provide necessary information thus results into losing potential customers. You should keep an eye on your site to avoid such issues. Various tools are also available that can help you in locating as well as solving these problems. But still, you should require Website Development Company in Delhi that has hands-on experience for reporting the bug and eliminating problems.