Material design framework plays a vital role in the web as well as app development works. These frameworks are really useful to develop attractive interfaces, UI web applications and easy to use options for android phones. To make your website responsive website designing company in India also use web development framework that is based on the material design by Google. Let’s have a look at some of the best Google material design framework that can help you in your website development process.

1- Material UI

Material UI is a helpful CSS framework and is a gathering of parts that use Google’s material design. It offers support to the web components like Toolbars, Buttons, Icons, Switches, Dropdown menu, Dialog box etc and helps them develop accurately.

2- Bootstrap Material

Bootstrap is a framework based on the theme that provides all possible components used in it. It may include 740 original material design icons that can be available in the Google Material Design gallery.


MUI is a lightweight CSS framework that follows Google’s material design guidelines. This framework helps to build fast and user-friendly websites by providing a basic set of components and helper methods to developers.

MUI CSS has the following features:

  • CSS namespace to separate framework and app markup.
  • Small payload size.
  • No external dependencies.

4- Materialize

Materialize is the current responsive front-end framework which uses material design and includes some basic components like buttons, forms, cards, grids etc. It is broadly used in web related projects and give support to material design icons, CSS files, SCSS files, etc.

5- Angular Material

An angular material framework is used for angular JS projects. This angular material framework includes a set of material design based UI tools and components which are accessible and usable as per the requirement.

Angular Material

6- Ionic Material

This framework is largely used for hybrid applications development in HTML5. The ionic material framework provides an extension library that includes attributes in order to create attractive framework designs for web-based projects.

7- Material Design Lite

Material Design Lite framework offers you an instant accessibility due to its easy initialization. It does not have any dependency on any JavaScript frameworks and uses to optimize for cross-device. It also degrades in older browsers gracefully. The components of this framework are created with CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. These components are very useful to construct functional, consistent and attractive web pages and web apps.

8- Polymer

The polymer contains a large number of web components that implement Google’s material design easily. This framework gives better support to all modern browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari etc.

The Google’s material design frameworks help developers to create stunning web applications and quality user interfaces for Android devices. Choose the right material design framework and implement it in your project smartly.