The homepage of the website is an important part. This is the main attraction for your site visitors which enables them to decide whether to deep within or leave the website. To make your website homepage beautiful and attractive here are some of the best design ideas to follow.

1- Include Photos of Real People
Adding photos of real people on the homepage of your website is the best way to do promotion of your business. Adding human pictures is more engaging instead of using some icons or illustrations on your website. You can add photos of your employees and clients instead of using the images obtained from stock images.

Moreover, including photos of the real people will help you to attract visitors and also useful in building trust and loyalty. This is really a great way to attract your customers. Leading Website Designing Company in Delhi suggests including photos of real people to gain the attention of the site visitors.

2- Live Chat Option

Including live chat on your site homepage is a great option. This option gives you a chance to listen to your website visitors and chat with them. Live chat option gives you an opportunity to interact with your site visitors in real time. This will enable you to solve the queries of your potential customers, and make them prepare for the buying decision. Most of the Website Development Company in Delhi must add this live chat option on the homepage so as to develop an ideal website for you.

3- Call to Actions

Ensure to make everything clear on the homepage of your site. Include a call-to-action above the fold on the homepage of your website. It is important to have an eye-catching CTA button to attract the visitors. Your call-to-action needs to be simple, clear, and important. After the visitors make the decision, then can click on this button which will ultimately leads to sales. Besides having this one CTA button, you can also have it on some other place on the homepage of the site. The other call-to-action can help add the product to the cart. The top Website Designing Company in India gives priority to the call-to-actions on the homepage of the website.

4- Lightweight Image Files

Images are an important part of your site. Your image needs to be of high-quality and captivating that blows the mind of the visitors to your website. High resolution images or a large image takes time for the website to load. As the loading time increases, then it is possible that your visitors leave your site due to frustration. You need to appropriately choose the image for your website. Some images slow down the speed of the website. According to a research, if a mobile site takes more than 3 sec to load then more than half of the site visitors might abandon the website. One thing you can do with your images is that compress them. You can use Page speed Insights tool to know whether you need to compress your site images. You can also use Tinypng tool to compress your images. Loading speed is also one of the major crucial factors for SEO, so even SEO Company in Delhi also advices to consider the image files that are lightweight.