A website design presents the first impression of your business. But what if your website is designed poorly? There are many website design mistakes that can break your online business. The need of the hour is to avoid those silly mistakes in your website design. Increase your business bottom line by consulting the best Website Designing Company in India. Here are some website designs mistakes that you need to keep in mind.

1- Bad Image Choices

Customers attract through visual on your website. So, it is imperative to have clear, relevant, and high-quality images on your site. Good quality images are used to gain customer trust, build branding, and enhance user engagement. If your website contains the bad or irrelevant images then it will tough for you to improve your business. A picture is more attractive and depicts more information than the written words particularly if you have an ecommerce business website. If your site image contains very little or no information, have no zoom feature then it will, unfortunately, move your potential customers to the competitor’s website.

2- Confusing Site Navigation

It is important to provide a better user navigation to give the boost to your sales. But unfortunately, this is the most common mistakes we usually notice in web design. If your website also has confusing site navigation then you are losing out to your customers. You need to provide the better navigation on your business website for offering an ease to your site users. If anyone visits your site and founds it difficult to navigate through or feeling it hard to search for the specific information then they will get frustrated and drive away from your site. You should make your user’s experience easy and fast. A simple and clear navigation is a great way to get more profit in your online business.

3- Your Website Has Font Sizes That Are Too Small and Not Reader-Friendly

Is your website contains too small text? Have you ever realized that it is difficult to read text on yours? If your website has too small font size text then users will definitely find it difficult to read properly. They had to do struggle for going through the written information which can make them upset or frustrated. Body text on your website should be of proper size and font so that user feels easy to read it on all devices. If you want your site text to be properly viewable and reader-friendly on mobile devices as well then it’s time to consult with the top Website Designing Company in Delhi.

4- Excessive Information

Remember that less work more. You know the fact that most of the browsers feel bored while going through the online information deeply. A user will prefer to read when your information is relevant and useful to them, otherwise, they will only scan the main points. No one just bothers about your long stories. Just communicate your message and present your information in a relevant way.

5- Too Much Clutter

Clutter can make your website visitors uncomfortable. Everything right from the product or service description to the marketing message and call to action will get disappear somewhere in the unorganized content. This can drive away customer trust and makes them frustrated resulting in leaving your website. This will also slow the speed of your website thus affecting your ranking in the search engine result pages. You should make your website users ready that actually provides them value. If you are dropping in SERP ranking then you need to take the SEO Service in Delhi for making your website ready for users as well as for Google.