Now no CSV’s, just import, Update & Export WooCommerce Products with simple Excel!

Uploading products individual, consume a lot of time and can create inaccuracy, with this plugin you can upload Unlimited products at a single time, which will save lots of time.

Manage your WordPress E-shop faster by Bulk Importing Multiple Simple or Variable Products and their Images with Excel!

Instead of thinking about how to import the information on Excel columns, Simply just use the data mapping feature with simple Drag and Drop of what you want to upload.

No more bothering with CSV formats, Simple use Excel document!

With the help of Bulk Product Import Export with Excel for WooCommerce, you can easily manage your products whether it is a simple product or variable product and their images.
Instead of adding each product one by one, this plugin has an inbuilt feature that gives you the option to bulk upload unlimited products at a time through an excel sheet, not even CSV file required.

You can download the excel format for both simple & variable products, that can be used for preparing a new excel sheet. This excel sheet can be further used for updating products and this plugin allows you to download all products in excel format.

Features :

  • Automap during Import excel columns to product fields for Speed
  • Export WooCommerce Products – Simple-Variable with product ID
  • Update products via TITLE, ID or SKU
  • Import Simple & Variable WooCommerce Products
  • Update WooCommerce Products based on Title or Product ID
  • Import Product Categories and Subcategories with Excel
  • Delete WooCommerce Products with Excel
  • Delete Product Categories with Excel

Product Import Export with Excel Plugin supports the following product fields-

  • Title
  • Description
  • Excerpt
  • Product Category (multiple comma-separated, terms created on import or from existing terms)
  • Product Tags (multiple comma-separated, terms created on import or from existing terms)
  • Custom Taxonomies (multiple comma-separated, any Taxonomy the user has predefined, terms created on import or from existing terms)
  • Product Attributes (each combination need an excel row, any Attribute the user has predefined, terms created on import or from existing terms)
  • Weight
  • SKU
  • Regular Price
  • Sale Price
  • Stock
  • Author ID
  • Url – Slug
  • Downloadable
  • Download Name
  • Download URL
  • Download Expiry
  • Download Limit
  • Virtual
  • Featured Image (from URL or image name)
  • Product Gallery Images (multiple comma-separated, from URL or image name)
  • Upsell Ids (multiple commas separated)
  • Croswell Ids (multiple commas separated)
  • Purchase Note
  • Backorders
  • Featured
  • Sold Individually
  • NEW: tax class

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