Want to get started with SEO for your ecommerce site? If yes, then this blog is useful for you. Check out this blog in which we have mentioned the SEO strategies that will works effectively for your ecommerce business. But if you are new to the SEO term then it is suggested to avail the SEO Service in Delhi for making your business a big hit in the ecommerce world. Now, let’s have a look at the effective SEO strategies to generate more traffic and to earn more revenue.

1- Avoid Duplicate Content

Ecommerce website have various pages so duplicate content is a major problem. Product descriptions can display on the product pages, in PDFs, archive pages, and category pages, so it becomes difficult for Google to identify the original source of the content on your site.

If Google is unable to know which page owns each piece of content then Google might confused on how and where to position your ecommerce site in the search engine results.

However, you can easily fix this problem. First use canonical tags, to establish the content source that is used on various pages on your ecommerce site. Then ensure that you have the original content on your website. If you really want to rank on the top of the search engines for specific product keywords then you need to avoid this duplicate content.

2- Work Long-Tail Keywords into Your Content

According to the data, top 10,000 keywords in Google’s index gains not more than 20% of all search traffic. This means that the long tail with less volume and less searched keywords can increase the chances of more traffic from search to your site. Long tail keywords are an effective way to generate more sales in your online business.

Most of the people visiting your ecommerce website will appear through a keyword research. If those keywords are not found on your product descriptions then your website is hardly to be appearing to the users. Use long tail keywords in your product description and content of your website. It is better to use more detailed descriptions incorporating the long tail keywords in the unique content to attract more visitors.

3- Optimize for the Fastest Possible Load Time

Page loading time matters a lot. Faster loading websites are considered for higher ranking as compared to the sites having slow loading time. Load time is not only a crucial factor from the SEO perspective but also it matters a lot from a conversion perspective. Customer gets frustrated if your website page takes more time to load. They will hardly come back to your website.

You need to optimize your website speed in order to get maximum visibility on the search engines and to gain more clients. To begin with the optimization process you can use Google’s Page speed Tools. There is a short term costs investment involved in optimizing your website speed but surely you will gain the long term benefits for SEO as well as for conversions.

4- Double Check Your On-Page Optimization

It is important to have the ideal on-page content, images, title tags, and other on-page things correctly on your ecommerce website. Make your page title the primary target keyword. In the category page ensures that the title includes the appropriate keyword for the particular product.

You should also use the important keywords throughout the content of your ecommerce on-page. Use relevant keywords in H1, H2, and H3 tags. Also optimize the images and videos on your ecommerce website. Use alt tags for the images and filenames to improve your Google Image Search visibility. On-page SEO is mainly useful for generating traffic from the long tail keywords. So using the valuable keywords for the on-page is also beneficial to your SEO.

Follow the above-mentioned SEO tips to increase your Google ranking. In order to get the top visibility on the search engines take PPC Services in Delhi.