If you’ve heard that email marketing is dead or dying, don’t believe it. The fact is that email marketing can be a waste of time or an effective strategy to improve conversions and increase product loyalty.

Worldwide, we send and receive over 306 billion emails daily. And that number continues to grow every year. More than 90% of web users have an email account, and most check it several times a day.

And email marketing works amazingly well. McKinsey & Company reported that email marketing could produce 40 times better results than social media. Although most people choose to do business via email, that does not mean that every customer will open your message and click on your link.

You need a well-planned strategy to maximize your conversions and increase your efforts.

Some Email Marketing Tips to Drive Conversions

Want to increase your email marketing conversions? Here are some tips to help you get better results from your digital email marketing campaigns.

  • Create an Email Marketing Strategy

You will not be very successful with any incoming marketing strategy unless you first have a plan. When it comes to email, like anything else, you should start by defining your audience. Who do you want to reach with your messages? Prospects, Existing customer or Both?

Once you’ve defined your audience, you’ll need to build your list. You can do this on social media, by logging in to your website, and by using your existing customer list.

Finally, it’s time to create a content strategy for your list to drive conversions. Will you have an email newsletter? A different email series for different audiences? Create your own program and paste some goals.

  • Write the Killing subject Line

If you want to get email marketing right, you need to start with your headline. Including in that 60-character space can be the difference between someone opening your message, deleting it, and reporting it as spam.

The buyer will open your email if he believes it is profitable to do so, or you can assure him that they will lose something important. Here are a few examples of effective topic lines:

  • “Do not agree with last year’s styles”
  • “New for your home”
  • “Steal these time-saving ideas”
  • “You are about to miss out on this discount”
  • Use Double Open Strategy

The first step to getting more conversions is getting more people to open your emails. You can do this by using the “double opening strategy.” In simple words, you will be re-sending the same email message to people who didn’t open it the first time, but with a different subject line.

Sometimes people are just busy and will pass by your first message. However, you may increase your chances of opening an email a second time if you make the following changes:

Use a different subject line with the previous title
Change your shipping time
Wait 3-5 days before sending your message again

  • Pay Attention to Your Preheader

After all, your topic is important. But don’t forget about your preheader. This is the preview text that the recipient can view before deciding whether to open your email or not. If you make good use of this space, you can greatly increase your open rate and engagement numbers.

Many email clients give the reader anywhere from 35 to 140 characters for preview. Knowing this, you can carefully create a message that will increase your chances of clicking.

  • Adjust the CTA buttons

Maybe you put a lot of time and effort into creating a catchy headline with the preheader and write an attractive email copy. But don’t forget the importance of your CTAs. If students don’t take action after reading your email, what’s the point?

Instead of using a standard CTA such as “buy now” or “click here,” try something creative and descriptive. For example, a CTA with a sense of urgency, such as “Buy 24 hours” may get more clicks.

  • Write for Web

Too many digital marketers are overly sensitive to email messages. Copywriting for emails is the same as for web writing. It should be conversational, inclusive, and orderly. Simply put, your email message should:

  • Have short sections (lots of white space)
  • Follow the logical structure
  • Use pictures whenever appropriate
  • Use letters and captions to enable emails to scan
  • Structure aside, write with your audience in mind. What are their pain points and how can you help?
  • Don’t Spam

There is a common misconception that email marketing is commercial and fraudulent. If you are going to work successfully, it should not be.

Avoid using too many exclamation points and all the hats on your subject line or email body. Not only is this for students, but spam filters will download this and flag your message. Enough of these flags, and your account may be blocked.

  • Be Personal

If you blow up the same email messages in your list at the same time, don’t expect to add your own results. Of course, people like to see their names in the subject line of an email. However, you can do more.

Separate your email marketing to suit the buyer’s journey. Are they in the awareness stage? This may require a different campaign than the people in the decision-making phase.

  • Keep It Short

No one wants to read long emails. If consumers get the impression that your messages are too “named”, they will stop opening them.

Apart from this, short emails have a great chance of staying in your “Main” email folder instead of a specific filter. Not sure about this? Check it out.

  • Use A / B test

Instead of hitting “post” and hoping for the best, you can increase your conversion by finding out what works and build on those strategies. Use the analytics provided by your email service provider to collect data on the performance of a variety of your message and sign-in forms to identify your most effective combination.

Email marketing is an important part of your digital marketing strategy. If you haven’t increased your efforts in this area yet, it’s a great way to increase engagement and grow your duplicate sales numbers.

Contact us and we can help you analyze your marketing strategy via email.

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