To know how well your search engine optimization efforts are performing, you need the study the reports about the traffic you gain. It is not enough to view only the keyword ranking to understand the effectiveness of your efforts. You can also avail the SEO Service in Delhi that gives you instant reports about the SEO practices done to improve your site ranking. In this blog, we have mentioned some SEO metrics that you need to focus from this year.

1- Number of Clicks

Beginning from the search console, you can get a report that will determine you how many organic clicks your website has received and also tell that those clicks generated which search queries. Compare the number of clicks every month to evaluate which search queries are generating more clicks. This report is useful for you to analyze which landing pages are getting the more clicks. In order to access this report, go to the Search Console then go to the “Search Traffic” and then click on “Search Analytics”. If you want to filter the results then also you can do this by search type. This enables you to differentiate between text and image searches.

2- Bounce Rate

High bounce rate means that the information on your site is not relevant for the users. If someone visits your site and leaves it immediately, then the bounce rate increases. You need to make visitors stay on your site at least for some time in order to avoid the high bounce rate. To see the bounce rate, visit “Behaviour,” then go to “Site Content” and then “Landing Pages.” Filter the results to know about the organic traffic only. Website Development Company in Delhi build attractive website that makes people to stay for longer on your site.

3- Crawl Errors

If Google finds it difficult in crawl your website, then you will not be able to appear on the search engine result pages. Know about the pages on your site which are preventing by the Google bots to crawl your website. Simply repair those pages and make them functioning properly again. By accessing the report of crawl error you will be able to correct those pages before it will have any impact on your page rankings. To get the report of crawl errors go to search console then click “Crawl” and “Crawl Error”.

4- Mobile Usability

The websites that are slow or not perform well on the mobile devices will not be given priority by the Google. Analyze where your site is lacking in providing the better navigation to the mobile users. By recognizing the trouble your site has for the smart phone and tablet users you will be able to adjust them. To know the report of the mobile usability, Go to “Search Traffic” in the search console then select “Mobile Usability”. If you want to design mobile friendly website for your business then choose the best Website Designing Company in Delhi.