If people hardly stay on your website then you need to think upon this crucial factor. High bounce rates will create a hurdle for you in the path of the business success. Reducing bounce rate is very important to improve your conversion rates. Here are some ways you can use in order to reduce bounce rate on your website.

1- Improve Your Website Design

Your website design is crucial. Your design and content should attract visitors to spend more time on your site. People usually ignore websites that are not so attractive and are not easy to navigate. Website Development Company in Delhi will guide you to improve your website design that attracts visitors. In case you are using CMS software such as WordPress then it’s easy to create an alluring design as it has various premium themes which you can utilize. According to a study it has been found that complex looking websites are not as engaging as simple ones.

2- Optimize Page Load Speed Time

Page load speed time is one of the major factors for high bounce rates. According to a study it has been revealed that if a page takes more than 3 seconds to load then 53% of visitors will leave that page.

Thus slower the page load speed time, higher will be the bounce rate. Site slower load time will affect your business and will lose your customers. So, speed up your page load time with the assistance of Top 5 Website Designing Company In Delhi  to makes users stay for more time. You can improve your site load time by various ways. Check out some simple ways you can do:


  • Use CSS rather than images.
  • Incorporate various style sheets into a single.
  • Lessen scripts and place them at the bottom of the page.
  • Reorganize the number of elements on your page.

3- Keep Your Blog Fresh with Up-to-Date Content

Blog content has high bounce rates of all pages types generally. You must keep your blog fresh with the latest content for higher return on investment. Add something new, and unique creative ideas to build trust.  In this way more visitors will take interest to your website and they would like to come back again thus improving your conversion rate. Furthermore, with the repeated visitors you can generate more ROI as a level of trust has already been established. So in to order to decrease your site bounce rate remove all the content from the blog that is not unique and fresh.

4- Internal LinkingInternal Linking

Internal linking will not only decrease your bounce rate but also helps you to improve your search engine ranking. Having internal linking in your content can reduce your site bounce rate. As this will develop interest in the minds of the users and make them click to your site’s another page.