Most of the business owners want to give a new and fresh look to their old website. But the fear of losing their SEO ranking sometimes stops them from emerging with the latest trends and technologies. You can redesign your site without losing your SEO ranking. But for that you need the right professionals who have immense experience in this field and can revamp your site without actually losing your SEO ranking.


The initial step for redesigning your website without losing your SEO ranking is to hire the best SEO Company in Delhi for your project. There is a need of expert professionals who has the capability and experience in the field of SEO friendly website redesign. The SEO team should be well-versed with the all the latest technologies and modern trends so as to redesign a perfect website without any SEO disaster. While redesigning the website, SEO is considered mainly the part of the design. It is not something that is focused at the end. So, ensure to hire the right professionals for taking down your old website.


Further, you need to analyze how your website is performing with respect to SEO. You can also use various tools that are available in the market to know about the SEO success of each page on the site. Tools like SEMrush, Link Research Tools, Raven Tools, Majestic SEO and many more can be used to evaluate each page of your website in terms of SEO. There is a need to evaluate your website at the initial stage because by doing so you came to know about which things are working and which not. Evaluation of your old website is crucial in order to revamp a new website design without losing SEO rankings. May be your rankings get improve by the redesigning process.


When you start building the new website then it is important that you store all the new work at a location where it is not available to the Google as well as other searchers for crawling and indexing. The reason behind this is that Google identifies duplications in text elements even if you are taking content from your own old website to the new website. The same content can’t exist at the same time on the web. So there is a need to back up both the new as well as old website to avoid utter catastrophes.


While redesigning your website, now it’s time to build the insights gathered from the initial evaluation of SEO in the new site design. Keep the keywords that are working well and remove those that aren’t. Replace the content with the better one that integrates the commonly used keywords and is eye-catching. Ensure that the design team and SEO team works together with the proper understanding so as to come up with the better results. Develop the fresh, interesting, and attractive content that is useful for the old as well as for the new customers. Your site content needs to be helpful for the users whether they are visiting your website through desktop or mobile devices.


If you are redesigning your website then don’t forget to develop a responsive web design. A mobile-friendly web design can really improve your SEO success if implemented correctly. It is also of great advantage for your business in the future. When your website is ready, then your designing team should make sure that all 301 redirect pages are in place and your old customers can find you easily and the new customers can reach you via search engine.

While redesigning your website we, at OGEN make sure to design by keeping an eye towards the SEO success. Besides website designing, website development, and SEO Services, we also provide PPC Services in Delhi. For all your designing, SEO, and PPC requirements you can contact us.