For any website, it is prominent to have fresh and interesting content so that visitors keep coming back to your site for more. Furthermore, it also helps in increasing search engine visibility. Google and other search engines give priority to those websites that frequently add content and keep their content fresh. In order to update something new and fresh consistently, you require a dynamic website rather than static.

You can convert the static website into the dynamic website, want to know how? Well before that, you must know what is the need to convert your static website into a dynamic one.

Static Websites

Earlier, all sites were static. Each page was a different coded HTML document. It resembled a printed page, everybody who took a glance at it would see precisely the same thing without any variations.

In case, if you need to change or update the page then you have to change the original source code for that page. This could be tedious and costly, so changes were uncommon. A few organizations didn’t altogether change their site for a considerable length of time.Static Websites

If you needed to change content that was basic to numerous pages, for example, a header, route menu, or footer, you needed to roll out the improvement on each page. Once more, complex and tedious.

For a new company, or for the principal site of a setup business, it was a decent arrangement. Static sites were simple and easy to program and could be put online rapidly.

The drawback was, the site would get outdated easily. Things like occasion dates, faculty, news, or even item postings could be dismissed and turned out to be obsolete, especially as office staff did not have the know-how to get to the source code or change it.

Dynamic websites

On the other hand, the dynamic website can be updated regularly. You only need to adjust common page content such as headers, footers, and navigation just once then for every page they will be updated automatically.

Similarly, the homepage of a website displays the latest blog or articles. if you will add a new blog or article on your website then it will be updated to your site homepage automatically. A dynamic website is mobile-friendly. If your site visitor is accessing your website on mobile gadgets then your site will adjust according to the screen size. If you want to have a dynamic site for your business then Dynamic Web Designing Services in Kirti Nagar can assist you with the best possible solution.

Why Consider a Dynamic Website for Your Business?

A dynamic site is preferred over the static ones because of its interactive nature. A dynamic website offers various additional advantages to website owner like they can easily add or update content on their websites, and can upload documents, facilities of intranet or extranet, e-commerce system and content management system.

If you are a web developer or have deep knowledge of the web development process then look at the below-mentioned steps for converting your static site into a dynamic site.

  • Import required J2EE modules.
  • Turn static project into a dynamic web project.
  • Create a new server.
  • Create a mail servlet.
  • Make sure to have a J2EE security.
  • Use special page templates.
  • Ensure that the security rules are not violated by running code review.

Turn out to fly-high with the ever-growing trend of the dynamic website and add special features to your site with the help of Best Website Development Company in Delhi.