As the name recommends, a knowledge base is just a collection of data, where clients can discover answers for their issues. Correspondingly, Similarly, a help desk also assists clients with comprehending their issues, in a more sorted out way.
A Well-structured knowledge base can be a boost to your WordPress site.
Knowledgebase Helpdesk plugin is easy to use a powerful tool for creating articles, documents, and FAQs.It comes with an AI Chatbot like a floating icon and interface that acts as a one-stop help desk for your website users. With this wizard, one can Create modern, professional-looking documentation.


Often, people prefer to try to find answers on their own before contacting for help. The knowledgebase is where they look first. A knowledgebase operates 24/7, It acts like a brain for your support team, your team members won’t know everything, a knowledge base can bridge that gap and offer your team. With standardized answers and all the information in one place, a knowledge base can ensure new hires are trained quicker and better.

Suppose If you are running a business you know the value of retaining your clients. You never want to lose your client, but what if they do not receive the proper support. you will defiantly lose your clients. if Your customer reaches out to you for any issue they are facing with the product or service you are offering. You need to make sure these issues are addressed and resolved. This will maintain a healthy relationship with your clients.

Common Features :

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Display comments on knowledgebase articles
  • Super fast search, with predictive text
  • Integrated breadcrumb
  • Ability to add tags, back button, and comments to your documents.
  • Drag & Drop Knowledge Base Posts and Categories Reorder etc.

A good knowledge base software should be efficient enough to integrate with your existing infrastructure, there is a number of knowledge base software available that claims themselves to be best but it completely depends according to your business needs and requirement. I would suggest you try the Knowledgebase & Helpdesk WordPress plugin. It is an Easy and Powerful plugin that helps you build a customer self-service help desk in minutes. Create a resource of helpful articles and answer a popular customer question. Our customers use knowledge base as customer support centers, extensive FAQs, products or service documentations, internal company documentations, wiki, and much more.

Features of Knowledge Base, Helpdesk Plugin for WordPress

  • Easily reorder knowledge base posts and categories.
  • Set custom knowledge base article and category slugs.
  • Display breadcrumbs on category and single pages.
  • Article File Attachments
  • Gutenberg Block Ready
  • Live Search
  • Set Category Link Color
  • Set Article Link Color
  • Display a list of articles, order by date, title, and filter by tag or category. Easy to use shortcode generator.
  • All our products come bundled with step-by-step documentation covering installation and setup.
  • All our products are translation ready using the Poedit tool with instructions in bundled documentation.
  • Set Link Color Using Color Picker
  • And much more

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