Creating a responsive web design is the trending topic these days in the world of website designing and development. Every organization is making efforts to provide their consumers a website that is easily accessible on any screen size. This is so because most of the web users prefer to browse the internet using mobile gadgets instead of laptops or desktops. There are lots of benefits of using a responsive website for your business. Let’s have a glance at some of the advantages offered by responsive web design.

1- Increase Your Visibility in Search Engines

A responsive website is highly recommended by Google. The best Website Designing Company in Delhi also uses responsive web development as their industry best practices. A responsive website is easily manageable as it uses same site coding, same website URL irrespective of the device. Therefore, responsive website reduces the time and efforts spend on making a separate site for desktop and mobile. While ranking, Google gives priority to those sites that are responsive. So go responsive and make visible in the eyes of Google as well as in the eyes of customers.

2- Easy to Maintain

Responsive websites are easy to maintain as there is no technical knowledge required. It is difficult to manage two sites that are separately designed for desktop and mobile version. But if you have a responsive site then you can manage your website in a hassle-free manner. So get developed the responsive website for your online business and maintain it yourself in the future whenever required.

3- Increased Web Traffic

Mobile devices are widely used for nearly 60% of online usage according to the data from InMobi. This includes tablets as well as smart phones. As mentioned above, Google gives priority to responsive websites. Therefore, with the increasing visibility on the search engines, your site will also gain the good amount of traffic. If your web design is responsive then it would be easy for your users to access the site content on any device.

If you have a responsive website then users will possibly visit your site using mobile. Nobody likes to going back again or scrolling from left to right to read the content. If your website is desktop version supported only then it will push mobile traffic away. So don’t let your website traffic move towards your competitor’s site. Contact the Website Designing Company in India for upgrading to a responsive website and gain lots of web traffic to your business site.

4- Cost Effective

Rather than investing in two websites, you can have a single website that performs well for desktop and mobile devices. A responsive website is ideal for both big as well as for small screen devices. So, you no need to invest additionally on a separate site for mobile devices. Getting developed a responsive website is more cost-effective. As at the cost of the one you are getting benefits of two websites that can fit any screen sizes.

5- Improve User Experience

Visiting a high-quality site using mobile gadgets eliminates the need for the user to zoom, or shrink the screen. A responsive website will automatically adjust to any screen size. This also improves usability.

According to a study it has been revealed that chances are high for 61% of your visitors leaving your website if it is not responsive. Thus in such a case, you are losing out your site traffic and ultimately your business.

A website is a powerful marketing tool. It is vital that you optimize it not only for search engines but also for giving value to your customers. Offering an improved user experience will increase sales.

If looking forward to upgrading to a responsive web design then contact us. Along with the designing and development services, we at OGEN also provide SEO Service in Delhi.