What is One-Page Checkout?

One-page checkout is designed to display various elements of a standard checkout process on a single page and also known as Single-page checkout. These include shipping information, cart items, customer details, billing, and payment details. It ensures that a customer buys the product without facing any problem during the checkout.
One Step Checkout Extension is used to optimizes the checkout page to increase the conversion rate on the site completely. This extension makes it possible to turn any page into a checkout page and also makes it easier for your customers to buy from these custom checkout pages by displaying both product selection and checkout forms on a single page.

Advantages of One-Page Checkout?

The main advantage of opting for this extension on your site is to allow the customers to add products, their details and pay for it on the same page. They do not need to leave the page or hop between multiple pages during the checkout. simply you can say, customers can order products at your online store in fewer clicks or taps. It is best-suited to target time-conscious customers in your online store.
for example of a one-page checkout would be related to a product-specific checkout page, say a Smartphone. On the checkout page, you can also talk about the features/benefits of the product, warranty briefly, and customer reviews. While the rest space can be used to accept details from the customer, be it the number of products, personal information, payment information, and shipping details. Another example, single-page checkout form that you can embed on a sales page to offer ebooks online.

Why Do You Need a One-Page Checkout Process?

Lengthy checkout, incomplete/unclear product details, and hidden fees. are some of the common reasons why many Customers abandon an order during online shopping. One-page checkout is no less than a solution that covers up all these aspects of online ordering.

Since the payment module and product price is included on the same page, there can’t be an unexpected fee that gets added to the final bill while checking out. Also, you can share the additional information related to the product on the same page, and there are no complications involved.

With a one-page checkout page, you can allow an issue with less checkout experience for the end customers.

Selection of the Right Checkout Process :

There are a number of plugins available in the market, While going through the various plugin of product checkout for the WooCommerce site, remember one thing – Your online store is unique in one way or the other. So, the choice of the checkout plugin should be based on user behavior at your site.

I recommend the Woo-commerce One Step Checkout extension. It is a helpful extension that optimizes your checkout page to increase the conversion rate on your site completely. According to several kinds of research, the average cart abandonment rate is above 70% globally. With One Step Checkout, your shop avoids this issue. You can boost the conversion rate on the checkout page with the Woo-commerce One Step Checkout extension and significantly improve the customer’s shopping experience.

Features of Woo-commerce One Step Checkout extension:

  • Fast Checkout Page Woo-commerce One Step Checkout extension makes the checkout process quicker and easier for customers. It helps customers to save their effort to check out in your e-commerce store and saves time.
  • One-step process All checkout steps have been brought together on one page. One-Step checkout is also efficient for guest users.
  • Customizable Checkout Page The admin can customize the layout of the checkout page as per the theme of the store. Woo-commerce One Page Checkout plugin has an option for admin to customize the checkout button text.
  • Redirect To Checkout Page The customer can automatically redirect to the checkout page after adding products to the cart. This brings customer satisfaction by saving time when completing an order.

Admin Features:

  • Woo-commerce One Page Checkout plugin has an option for admin to customize the checkout button text.
  • Option to display the checkout button on the shop page.
  • Admin can enable or disable the checkout button for guest users. If you enable the checkout button for the guest user, it will redirect to the checkout page.
  • Option to enable to set shipping addresses as the billing address.

Frontend Features:

  • The user can complete their order with one click without adding the product to the cart from a single product page and shop page.
  • Option to select ship address or add a new ship address on the single product page when clicking on the checkout button.
  • The user can set the default shipping address.
  • The buyer can see the list of all shipping addresses.
  • The user can edit and delete the shipping address.

Why should we use the One-step checkout in Woo-commerce?

The checkout process is a very important part of sales. In the today world, the largest of the customer always take the shortest line of shopping and also customer expects to complete the checkout in fewer and easy steps. With the help of the extension customer satisfaction and reliability increases automatically from time to time. You will never have to go through long steps as it reduces checkout time and makes it as simple as possible.

Need Help?

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