Why is original content important for SEO? In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of original content on your SEO score. Original content plays a vital role in ranking your site higher on the Google. Website Designing Company in India incorporates unique, fresh, and interesting content besides developing an eye-catching website. Publishing relevant original content impacts your SEO greatly.

Write Original Content

While writing for the web you must write the unique and original piece of content. The content should be original and should not be published anywhere on the web before you publish it on your site. Also once you have posted it on your website then no one has the right to publish it somewhere else on the web. It is vital to avoid duplicity of content. To make sure that your content is unique and not published somewhere else on the internet before, you should search if the topic or idea of the content you are going to write is already present exactly the same on the internet. For checking the originality of the content you can use some of the free tools like duplichecker.com or smallseotools.com that can help you in figuring out whether your content is unique or not. So, be original and different, write your own unique ideas and opinions to provide value to the readers.

Results of Bad Content

If your content will not be original then there will be three after effects for you. Firstly, your site visitors will not take interest in the content. If you just copy-paste the content from some other site then it would be of no use for you and for your SEO strategies. Your SEO rankings are not going to boost just simply stealing content from other websites. For ranking higher on the Google you need to be somewhat how different, creative and original so that readers will take interest in your content and enjoy while reading. If your site does contain plagiarized content then it will rank your website lower in search engine result pages and if Google found a lot of copied content on your site then, unfortunately, your site will be blacklisted by the Google.


While crafting content for the site it is essential to write with SEO perspective. SEO will help you to build credibility and raise the ranking of your website. Though SEO is the complicated and time-consuming process so you need to have patience and works continues strategically on SEO to get the best results. If you don’t have enough knowledge and time then it is a good decision to avail the benefits of SEO Service in Delhi.

Listen to Your Readers

The better way to create unique and different content is to figure out what your audience love to read and explore about. You can ask your audience to suggest on your next topic or can ask them to choose their favourite topic from the list of topics that you are planning to write further. Readers are up-to-date with the latest trends. For providing something new, fresh to your readers take ideas on what is trending in the industry and what they are interested in exploring.

Get Real

Try to add some personal touch to your content. Write content on the things that you have experienced so far. To humanize your content you can add an author bio to share a little bit about you and let the readers know about you. You should also give examples for better understanding of the readers. Using examples in the context of your content will help you to relate to your audience. When you will put the original content on your site you will soon see the benefits of SEO your site is gaining in the form of organic search results. When you will rank higher in the search engine results you will gain more leads. When people search for your niche product or service then you will be the first company. People will find you easily and it’s easy for you to generate more leads and turn them into customers.

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