Best practices in website designing and development keeps on changing, it is important to keep up with these trends because an advanced and fresh website is useful for your business. But there are some web design trends which seem to be outdated and needs to be changed. Also you need to appear higher on the search engines for boosting your business. So don’t afraid to take SEO Service in Delhi to help you getting your site visibility higher. Here are some of them mentioned below which appears on website and needs to be changed. It’s high time to change them. Let’s have a look:

Meaningless Popups

Is your website still asks visitors to sign up for a newsletter or join an email list with a large popup? If yes! Then you need to reconsider upon this. Popups can bring in leads but unfortunately it annoys to the visitors of your site and the visitors may turn to your competitor’s website instead of signing up for newsletter or join an email list. Also Google is now starting to penalize those websites which obstruct the content on mobile gadgets with popups. This appears to be useless to the visitors. Rather concentrate properly on creating popups that provides a real value to people.

Excessive or Obvious Stock Photos

Images or photos that look similar to the photos used in other websites are really not a good idea. There is a need of original, fresh and good quality images on your website to create a great impression on your site visitors. Also using excessive or irrelevant stock images can leave a bad impression. So choose original images on your website to be different from your competitors and reflect your uniqueness to your site visitors. Leading Website Designing Company in Delhi uses the original photos on the websites to make a unique identity for the businesses.

Excessive Sidebars

One of the objectives of your website design is to help visitors to find the information easily and engage them further. Generally sidebars help to attain this objective by providing various options about where they go and what they look at your site. But actually if sidebars are used excessively then it gives a cluttered look to your website and makes it confusing for your site visitors. So rather than using excessive sidebars, utilize the relevant and useful elements on your web design. Clear uncluttered website can proves out be effectual and appealing.