At the end of November 2017, Google extended the Meta description length. But in May 2018, Google updated the recent changes and now the Meta description length is shorter than the previous ones.


In May 2018, SEOs noticed a reduction in the length of search snippets. Recently, it has been confirmed by the Danny Sullivan from Google that the length of the search snippets are shorter now comparatively to the last 6 months but longer than the length updated at the end of 2017. However, he doesn’t mention the fixed length of the description. He said that the length of the snippet is dynamic.

How Long Should a Meta Description be after May 2018 Update?

If you have also increased the length of description for your website up to 320 characters because of the change noticed at the end of 2017 and ensuring that it was captivating in the first 130-150 characters then no need to panic now. Just make sure that your description makes sense in the first 110-130 characters to compel the users to click on or visit your website. Properly written descriptions can help you to generate more traffic to your website and also useful in increasing your ranking on the search engine result pages.

How to Stop Google Rewriting Your Meta Description?

You can’t stop Google from rewriting your Meta description for display snippets but you can do two things to lessen the chances of Google rewriting your Meta description. Firstly, make sure not to write too short description. Secondly, ensure that it is descriptive enough.
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