So, you’ve got a new website. it’s good, it’s quick and user-friendly. There’s only one small problem. nobody can find it.

If this is often the matter you’re currently facing, you’ll have found yourself scouring the web to seek out an answer. If you’ve got, you’ve presumably been thrown into the world of search engine Optimisation (SEO). This method of digital marketing works to place your website on the front page of Google for search terms that relate to your business.

If you’ve delved a touch further, you’ll have also encountered a term called Social Media Optimisation (SMO). SMO refers to optimizing your social media platforms to bring more traffic to your website. SEO has been around since the introduction of search engines back in the ’90s. SMO, however, may be a relatively new method of driving traffic to your website.

Although their abbreviations differ by only one letter, SEO and SMO are very different. This article will look at the differences between SEO vs SMO.

What are SEO and SMO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation uses a spread of various methods to form your website rank highly on the program results pages (SERPs). These methods include:

  • Keyword Planning Keyword Planning is the process of selecting a selected keyword(s) to focus on each page of the website. this is often vital to SEO as a transparent keyword strategy means pages won’t compete with each other for equivalent search terms. Each page will have a selected purpose.
  • Good Quality Optimised Copy Each page on the website must have a unique, optimized copy that focuses on specific keywords so as to rank highly on google. The copy must be well-written and straightforward to know.
  • Meta Title & Description Ensuring each of your sites features a unique meta title (the title of the page which tells Google what the page is about) and a meta description (the snippet of text that appears below the title within the SERPs) is another important part of SEO.
  • Link Building Link building may be a part of SEO which aims to realize links from other websites. Each link to your website from a reputable source may be a good sign to Google, as these links are effective ‘votes’ for your website. Combined, this alludes to the recognition of the website. The aim of link building is, therefore, to realize high-quality links so as to enhance the ranking position of the website.
  • User-Friendly Website The user-friendliness of your website has relevance to SEO. If your website is unresponsive, slow, and difficult to use – it’s not getting to get an honest ranking on google.

Social Media Optimisation (SMO)

Social Media Optimisation may be a digital marketing method that focuses on making your social media platforms engaging enough to bring traffic to the website.

  • Create Shareable Content Expanding social links through SMO includes enhancing the content that people want to share and link to. Creating a blog on your website, for example, is a good idea for this SMO method because it is straightforward to link to.
  • Make Sharing Content Easy This SMO approach involves adding buttons for sharing and communication on your website and blog to encourage sharing, compliments or bookings.
  • Providing Value to Users This includes adding outbound links into your content albeit it doesn’t help drive traffic to your website. This helps your website as you’ll gain a loyal follower base who will see you as a fountain of data . Valuable content also helps with SEO as Google’s rank brain algorithm decides that useful resources should be at the highest of the SERPs.
  • Rewarding Loyal Followers This type of Social Media Optimisation involves rewarding your loyal followers with the occasional ‘thank you’, follow back, or maybe competition prize. By letting them know you value their support, you’ll gain a loyal follower at all times.

Do SEO and SMO help one another?

While SEO is very focused on improving your websites and as a result the ability to drive visitors as Google likes – SMO focuses on driving traffic through social media. Both SEO and SMO apply to many frameworks, but they are interrelated.

The most important thing for both SEO and SMO is to drive traffic to your website. It makes sense that they should work together to bring the highest amount of traffic possible.

While no one really knows what the various factors affect Google’s ranking of an Internet site, it is clear that social media is affecting SEO standards indirectly. In fact, in 2010 the retweets on Twitter were even described as a ‘new kind of link building’. Recently, another study was conducted that concluded that greater access to social media gets a better place in the SERPs.
In fact, to ascertain SMO impacting SEO, just search the name of a well-liked brand on Google. It’s quite likely their Twitter account is going to be listed within the primary 5 results.

This is clear evidence that Social Media does have an impression on SERP’s.

Likewise, if you’re spending time and money on SMO, directing people to your website from social media, or trying to realize links from other businesses via social media, then it’s important that you simply have a high-quality website with an honest user experience.

Driving visitors to an online site with a negative user experience will automatically end up at a very high rate (one-page visit). Website user-friendliness is part of SEO. Therefore, it is clear that SMO can also be affected by SEO.

Why SEO and SMO Should Work Together?

SEO may be a fundamental part of digitally marketing your business and SMO is gaining importance as social media becomes a bigger part of the lifestyle. If you are doing one without the opposite, it’s likely that your business is going to be left behind.

Google changes its ranking factors frequently, so it’s important that your social media platforms are fully optimized. the worth of social signals could change within the future, so SMO will ensure you’re prepared if their value increases. Furthermore, SMO may be a great way to drive traffic and increase brand awareness.
However, you furthermore may get to ensure your website is fully optimized as this is often where your conversions will happen. this is often why SEO is important and will be utilized in conjunction with SMO.

Depending on the business, the benefits of SMO can sometimes be seen faster than the benefits of SEO. However, if you stop updating and improving your social media platforms, traffic can go much faster.

SEO, on the opposite hand, is more long-term. If you achieve a high-ranking position for your website through SEO, it’s less likely that you simply will lose mass amounts of traffic if you pause SEO efforts for each day or two.

Therefore, though they need different methods of driving traffic, every business marketing strategy should ensure SEO and SMO work together consonant to drive as many unique visitors to your website as possible.

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