Twitter is one of the most powerful social networks in the world today, with more than 300 million active monthly users. It’s a platform that no blogger or online marketer can ignore because of its reach.

It wouldn’t be great if you could push traffic to your website by sharing the content?

or maybe grow your Twitter following or adding genuineness to your brand that can only help your digital marketing goals?

That’s where Twitter plugins for WordPress come in.

The Twitter plugin displays the real-time Twitter feeds on your WordPress website.

Benefits of Twitter plugins :

  • Increase social engagement
  • Save time
  • Get more follows
  • Improve your SEO
  • Keep users on your site

why use the Twitter plugin?

These days Social media marketing is a very important role in any business marketing strategy, and Twitter is one of the leading social media platforms.

looking to grow traffic to your WordPress site?

It’s only possible when you tap into such a huge user base, that can build up a decent follower base and can drive tons of traffic to your website.

The Twitter plugin will help you to increase engagement because your users will be able to reply, retweet, and favorite your tweets right from your page.

Showing a Twitter feed in your WordPress site is definitely a good idea; it can help to extensively increase user engagement. There are several plugins available in the market, promising seamless Twitter and WordPress integration, but not all plugins are created equal. Twitter Feed WordPress Plugin is one of the best Twitter plugins for WordPress.

Twitter Feed WordPress Plugin which allows you to introduce Twitter feed or selected Tweets on a WordPress site. It will help you to fetch the latest tweets from any account and display tweets with various layouts and default mode, slider mode, or ticker mode.

And the best part?

Everything is extremely easy and simple to set up, with a user-friendly interface.

Features :

  • It can Fetch the latest tweets from any account or any hashtag.
  • It can Tweets Media(Image & Videos) Embeds Support.
  • Slider mode and Ticker mode available with various configurable options.
  • You can configure the number of tweets to display, Configure tweet date/time format.
  • Installs in seconds (Lightweight), It’s very easy to configure and setup (user friendly).

Need Help?

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