There is a huge competition in the market regardless of your niche. Everyone is competing to increase user engagement on their website. But most of them fail to achieve the success. Top 5 Website Designing Company in Delhi helps you in reaching your website user engagement goals. To drive higher user engagement, consider these four ways which will effectively work for your business.

1- Reduce Page Load Time

Users attract by the design sometimes but when clicking on the link then if it takes more time to load then feel disappointed and exit that website. Waiting for the site to load makes them frustrating. It has also be found in a study that if a site page takes more time to load, bounce rate increases which make hurdle for website use engagement. You should conduct a page test with the help of various free tools like Pingdom to evaluate the speed of your site. If your website loads within 2 seconds then there is no problem and if not then take initiative to improve the load speed. You should remove the useless elements from your site pages. Though images can be engaging but try to use the limit number of images so that the page loads faster.

Reduce Page Load Time

2- Perform On-Page SEO

In order to get more visitors and increase user engagement, there are various SEO strategies which can rank your site pages higher in the search engines. For that, there is a need to write supreme quality content that your audience would love to explore and also meta descriptions for your pages. The meta descriptions let your users know what your page is all about. Website Development Company in Delhi brings a positive result for your business with their effective on-page SEO tactics that make you on the top of the search results leading to an increased user engagement.

3- Improve Your Internal Linking Structure

Besides improving your SEO ranking, you should also focus on your internal linking structure so that users can easily navigate your website. This will increase your page views and reduce bounce rate. Both these factors are vital for user engagement. Link other related content on your site by using relevant anchor texts. But don’t use excessive internal linking because it could frustrate the users.

4- Add a Chat Box to the Homepage

Add a live chat option to the homepage of your site. This will enable visitors to connect with you. Use a name and face in the chat box so that visitors feel that they are talking to a genuine person, not to an automated robot. At times when no one is there to monitor the live chat then use some lines by saying something like that “We are out of office right now, Leave a message we will shortly get back to you”.