Do you often see videos on YouTube to know the effects and results before buying any product? Yes, in this modernization world we all instantly headed over to YouTube before making any purchasing decision. There is no doubt that explainer videos are great marketing tool that will take your brand to a new level of success. To know more how it is impactful for businesses to use explainer videos on WordPress Site have a glance at the below mentioned blog.

1- They Help Build a Brand Identity

Every business wants to create a unique identity and for this purpose there is nothing better option than the explainer videos as this helps to build a strong brand identity simply in very less time. Explainer videos is an effective way to communicate your brand values and make a great enduring brand impression. However, with the help of explainer videos you can take advantage of showcasing your products and highlight the use case scenario or even can take a storyboard approach.

If you want to create a digital experience around your brand then explainer videos can be a great aid on your landing page. It will give you an opportunity to connect with your target audience and can turn them into loyal customers. That’s what Best Website Development Company in Delhi are doing exactly now for promoting the businesses and to raise the chances of sales.

2- They Increase Memory Retention

According to a study it has been found that a visual content has a strong influence and can last long in the minds of people. Imagine you are viewing a movie then after that you remember all the story and scenes in your mind and can easily recall it over and over again. On the other hand if you are reading a book or something in written format will not click in your mind as fast as a video can. So, consumers retain more on visual content as compared to a written one and that’s make a great impact on the minds of the customers.

3- They Help SEO

Optimizing your explainer videos for search will help you to boost your ranking in the search engine results. You can even take the SEO Services from the Best SEO Company in Delhi to increase your visibility rapidly in the eyes of Google. Furthermore, useful and helpful video content encourages visitors to take more action on your website. They will watch your video and if found something interesting in your offerings then possibly converts.

They Help SEO

4- They Speed Up the Decision-Making Process

Did you know how consumers feel about and engage with video? Well, to figure out this a survey has been conducted by Animoto, a cloud based video maker, there one of the findings include that 80% of consumers find demo or explainer videos to be helpful in their decision-making process. Moreover, most of the consumers feel more confident about their purchasing decision as they develop confident in themselves by watching the explainer videos that motivates them to go ahead with their buying process.

5- They are Easy to Share Across Multiple Channels

The biggest benefit is that you can easily share explainer videos across multiple channels like Twitter, Facebook, email newsletters etc.

The videos shared on Facebook are watched around five hundred million people according to Tubular Insights. That’s why we say video encouraging more engagement comparatively.