These days everyone is using WhatsApp for communicating with people across the world. The most popular instant messaging application in the world and it’s available in more than 100 countries, supporting more than 50 languages.

This means most people use WhatsApp as their main contact method, and they probably have been using it for years. Therefore, offering easy access from our website is a good way to convert those visitors into customers.

WhatsApp Live Chat Plugin is easy to use the widget for WordPress that shows your group’s records in a single box. It is a cloud communication platform that unites communications and strengthens customer relationships across your business.

It shows a list of WhatsApp accounts on your webpage which when clicked, will take the user to that specific record on the person is using WhatsApp web or open the WhatsApp application if the person is using a cell phone.


  • Display multiple accounts If you are working in a team it will show each team member’s account with their names and titles in a stylish manner on your site and let your visitors know about your team.
  • WooCommerce Product Page Button It will generate a contact button for every product right before or after your Add to Cart button. Just like in the floating widget, you can limit, randomize, and pin accounts for product page buttons.
  • Editable text and color Make it personal….Customize the text to represent your main users’ language and the colors to match your site’s theme. Turn your words into a call-to-action!
  • Auto-display based on a time delay, inactivity, or scroll length If your customers use a tiny or wide screens widget sitting at the corner of your page will have a hard time getting itself noticed. Draw your users’ attention to the widget by setting an auto-display for it to tease them. Set Auto-display based on time-delay, scroll-length, or inactivity.
  • WPML is supported Suppose your webpage is in multi-languages then you can arrange the text in each of those languages with the help of the WPML string translation module. Also, you can hide or show accounts based on the language your user is currently viewing.
  • Click Tracking using Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel.
  • Set availability by time and days for each account.
  • Compatible with GDPR.
  • Pin accounts.
  • Randomize the accounts list order.
  • Limit the accounts displayed.

Why should we use the WhatsApp Live Chat for WordPress?

What happens when your clients communicate something specific while you’re busy or investing your time with your family? They’ll believe you’re lethargic. With this module, you can set the accessibility of each record. If someone is not available to reply, then the widget will be hidden. This will limit the opportunity of letting down your clients.

This extension will support in generating more reliable customer connections and improve both sales and profits. With the help of this extension, you can attach your phone with WhatsApp to your

The LiveChat situation in minutes. Also, this feature plays nicely with any caching plugins. It doesn’t matter if the page is cached, it will hide and show itself accurately.

Need Help?

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