Start-ups are increasing rapidly. The young entrepreneurs are implementing their new ideas to target their local clients. But some of the start-ups are not visible to their local clients. The reason might be that they are adopting the wrong strategies or doing some commonly mistakes that makes it difficult for their intended customers to find them.

1- Duplicate Websites

Most start-ups usually give preference to create a duplicate website for their business. Due to small budget they might not be able to afford the unique website for their business. As a start-up they develop their websites on the platforms that allow free setups such as WordPress. But for the online success you need a website that is unique and doesn’t contain the similar information so as to get boost in the local search rankings.

2- The Content Quality on Your Website  

Google become smarter with the modern crawling tools. Now, it can detect bad content, keyword stuffing, and other kinds of stuff included in the content of the website. If you site also contains the poor content, or bad structure then you will be get ignored by the Google. Also if your website content is not optimized for mobile then also Google ignores you. There are various issues with your website which you are not able to handle alone and directly affects your local SEO. So, in order to target your local clients you need the best SEO Company in Delhi which can manage all your SEO related requirements.

3- The NAP and Citations Effect

Make your NAP information like Name, Address, and Phone Number same across every platform which you utilize for your business promotion like website, business listings, and various social media platforms. If the information is not same across all platforms then you can also be penalized by the Google. In the same way, if you lack citations, then chances are more that your website will be get ignored by the Google in the search results.

4- Missing Out on Important Information on Site

While beginning with a new business most start-ups go with their ideas and in the enthusiasm of promoting their ideas sometimes they miss out on the basic information that is important for the users like information about the business, address, and contact details. After crawling your website Google bots report back to the Google to cross checks the information with other sources. In case Google is not able to verify the basic information of your business then it will affect your search engine rankings also have an impact on the local SEO.

These are some basic reasons which makes Start-up fail to get their local SEO tactics right. If you also want to avail PPC Services in Delhi then contact us.