1- Start with a Sound Foundation

A best SEO campaign can even be doom if you have bad site structure and information architecture. Your site ranking will possibly suffer if it is not easy for users to navigate and Google to crawl. You should perform an SEO audit to enhance your site performance and ranking as well. Duplicate content issues also affect your site ranking. So by doing technical SEO audit you will come across such technical issues in your site can fix major problems like duplicate content to boost up your Google ranking. SEO Service in Delhi assists you to rank higher on the first page of the Google.

2- Optimize for Mobile

As Google rolling out on mobile first index so, it becomes essential that you should have a mobile friendly website to get noticed by the Google. Remember that users can be able to perform tasks on your site while on the move without facing any difficulty. The increase in mobile usage makes it important for a site to perform well on all the mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.

3- Optimize for Speed

You should continuously monitor your website speed both on desktop and mobile to keep enhancing it. In order to benchmark site performance you can utilize various speed check tools like Google PageSpeed tool. Moreover, you should also optimize the image on your site with image compression and optimizer tool. You should also enable browser caching as many other resources get loaded when a web browser loads a page. You need to simply add code to the web host/server .htaccess file so that when a user navigates to a new page those resources can’t be loaded again. Plugins are available to complete this task in case if you have WordPress site. Web Designing Company in Delhi ensures that your site loads at a faster speed than ever.