The main difference between voice search and text search is the exactness of the obtained results according to the search query. A voice search makes the intent of search clear from the user point of view and search engine presents the appropriate results accordingly. So the voice search is useful in getting the accurate results rather than getting various links that are not related to your search query. Let say user want to know about Google CEO Sundar Pichai via text-based search is possible to key in the name itself as the search query, on the other hand users performing voice search will be more specific and will say ““Who is Sundar Pichai?” or something in this context will get accurate results within few seconds.

According to Mary Meeker, by 2020 voice searches will be used in almost half of the searches. Therefore, it all depends upon the interest of the site whether they want to shift from text search to voice search in the future.

Tips for Voice Search Optimization

While optimizing your web content for Google voice search and other search engines, you need to consider these tips.

1- Consider Micro-Moments

You need to make efforts in the direction of micro-moments on which user be likely to implement a search query. Every marketer should be aware of the following four micro-moments.

i) I want to know moments: 65% of online consumers search for information online as compared to before and 66% of consumers use their smartphones to know about something they watch on commercial television.

ii) I want to go moments: In the previous two years, there is an increase in “near me” search interest. 82% of mobile users use a search engine while looking for a local business.

iii) I want to do moments: 91% of mobile users use their smartphones to get ideas for doing the task. Moreover, 100M+ hours of “how to” content so far have been watched on YouTube.

iv) I want to buy moments: 82% of mobile users consult their phone while in a store what to buy before making the purchasing decision. In the past years, there is 29% increase in mobile conversion rates.

2- Incorporate Long Tail Keywords

The search engines queries are getting longer due to the fact that voice searches are revolved around natural language. Best SEO Service in Delhi will help you in optimizing the website by incorporating long tail keywords.

3- Improve your Website Speed

For making your site searches happen you need to make sure that your website is loaded quickly. If you have not noticed yet whether your site loads faster or takes more time to load then evaluate today by doing a page load test across all devices and browsers. If your site loading time is high then you need to optimize it today by consulting the Best Website Designing Company in Delhi.

4- Add an FAQ Page

If your website doesn’t have an FAQ page to address the problem of the users then you are losing out your business. Online searches can be classified into the below-mentioned categories:

Navigational: In these search queries user can navigate to a particular site.

Informational: A query will be entitled as informational when the user is searching for particular information.

Transactional: A query that leads to particular actions like doing an online payment or ticket booking.

If you will address all the issues in your FAQs around such search types then you will you will be providing the most relevant information to the voice search users for both voice search app and PC.