E-commerce is exceptionally competitive; every entrepreneur values their effort, has realized the immense potential of conducting online business and has jumped on the e-commerce suddenly. Large multinational corporations started sophisticated strategies to enjoy e-commerce success, and online shoppers are becoming savvier by the day. Therefore, you cannot hope to induce your visitors to buy unless you give them a great shopping experience AND reassure them regarding your authenticity.

There are many factors that influence a consumer’s decision-making process: the brand name itself, the price and perceived quality of your product, and finally, your site – its appearance, usability, esteem/value to the guest, et cetera.

Here are 11 uncomplicated ways to create an authentic e-commerce experience for visitors:

1: Publish real reviews from actual people

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When visitors read testimonials and reviews from all customer who have actually purchased your products or services, it helps create trust in your brand. The user will naturally believe what others have to say about you and your Products, rather than what you say about yourself. Make sure that the reviewer is properly identifiable – not some vaguely generic name. If you can include their photographs, so much the better. Therefore, encourage your customers to talk about the product, its features, and benefits – even what they didn’t like; this helps to convince other users that it’s a genuine review. Also, encourage them to write reviews on third party websites; examples are Google reviews, TripAdvisor and so on. Also, be sure to respond in a timely manner to reviews, whether positive or negative.

2. Show user, the Faces behind the brand

It is basic that your website has a point by point ‘About Us’ page. Recount individuals your story, show photographs of the primary peoples behind the brand – acculturate your association. People love to interact with other people, not a faceless brand. The more you inform them regarding yourself, how you began & so on, and it will help lighten their feelings of dread of getting cheated online. This straightforward demonstration will go far in building open trust in your image and organization.

3. Display your contact details prominently

On the off chance that you have a physical store, show the address, and the guide area. Incorporate email addresses and telephone numbers, and if conceivable, a ‘get in touch with us’ shape so the user can contact you whenever the timing is ideal. This is anything but difficult to do and persuades individuals that you are a genuine association. Individuals dependable feel great on the off chance that they think they are conversing with a live individual, getting their questions replied.

4. Live Chat



Yes, it might be a touch irritating to have a little window pop up when you enter a site and ask you what you need to know. Yet, it demonstrates to the client that there is somebody there to converse with; which implies the organization is genuine and not another web trick.

5. Use genuine Product photos

Use Original Photograph – of items, your premises, the general people behind the brand, and so on. Stop from utilizing stock pictures; yes I know it’s less expensive, however over the long haul, it will accomplish more damage than great to your business. Put resources into a decent quality camera, or contract an expert, and shoot great pictures to post on your site. This will make individuals put stock in your image. Moreover, enable individuals to zoom in for a nearby look, and post photos of the item from various points with the goal that they get a smart thought of what the item resembles.

6. Think Endorsements

This may not be useful for everybody, but rather on the off chance that you have either the assets or the contacts, attempt to get a presumed individual (if not a national VIP) to embrace your image or organization. You can likewise attempt to connect with a trusted brand – that aides as well. We frequently observe promotions these days with cleanser producers asserting that their cleanser is prescribed by the creators of XYZ clothes washer; it’s an association only to market purposes.

7. PR activities

Press Release

Ensure you get included on real media like prevalent TV channels (we’re talking promotions obviously), radio (these days, FM), daily papers, important famous magazines, and clearly online – we mean Facebook Ads, standards, et cetera. Real media need to pick whom to cover; so when they cover you, it resembles a support in itself. It will help your validity according to customers. Bear in mind to connection to these sources from your site: both landing page and also item pages.

8. Strong, useful content

Google adores websites that give honest to goodness incentive to clients; this implies you need content that is valuable for the watcher – and not simply item depictions. This substance can be as web journals and recordings – with instructional exercises being the most prominent. Suppose you’re offering cotton garments on the web. Distribute writes about the advantages of cotton, how it is delivered, it’s history et cetera – certainly intriguing to your clients. You can incorporate recordings that guide them to the best possible care of their garments, or even an off camera shoot to demonstrate to them the trip of cotton from the fields to the stores. This is not immediate showcasing; but rather in the event that you furnish clients with something helpful and intriguing, they will love you for it, and continue returning for additional. It goes far in boosting your validity, in light of the fact that alone a bonafide vendor would go to such lengths to fulfill clients.

9. Encourage Social Engagement

Just like reviews on your site and on third party sites, likes and shares on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. help build your brand credibility in the public eye. When people share your videos or posts, they are voting for your brand, saying this is a good, genuine brand, I like it. When you have a whole lot of people voting from various sources for your products and services on social media, the more authentic your business appears, and the more authority it will earn. Encourage your customers to engage on social media by providing social buttons on your website.

10.Use trust symbols

Online data is sensitive. On an e-commerce site, you will be conducting financial transactions, where people enter bank or card details. They will not do that if they feel the site is not secure. Your shopping cart and payment gateway systems and processes have to foolproof and secure. You can minimize the risk of online fraud by:

   1. Choosing a secure platform

   2.Using robust SSL authentication

   3. Asking users to create strong passwords

   4. Running PCI tests

   5. Tracking all orders

Verisign is a symbol that is known and trusted for secure payments. By implementing robust antivirus, antimalware and antiphishing software (like McAfee Secure for example), you are conveying to your visitors that you take security very seriously, and they will be much reassured. SSL Value, TRUSTe Certified Privacy, GeoTrust Secured and so on are some of the recognized and reputed trust symbols. Likewise, affiliations to business organizations like the local chamber of commerce, business councils or trade organizations, Better Business Bureau, ISO certifications (any recognized certifications, for that matter), major awards or prizes you have received, should all be prominently displayed on your website. These will do wonders to boost the credibility of your website, your company and your product.

11. Transparent Policies

Ensure you obviously rattle off your arrangements with respect to protection, utilization of treats, utilizing customers’ contact data, delivery, returns, and installments so that there is no vagueness in the brain of the customer. These may appear like seemingly insignificant details, however, are essential. On the off chance that you offer free trials on any item or benefit or any sort of money back, rebate or freebies of any kind, make sure to plainly specify every one of the terms and states of the offer

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