Ecommerce is developing faster than Amazon can deliver, and that means something. One minute we were amazed at being able to order from a family computer and the next minute we yelled at Alexa to re-order the kitchen towel. The future of e-commerce is already here, and it is changing.

To help you prepare your business for the next step in e-commerce, here are few steps you can take to look at 2021:

  • Premium private label products

Over the past few years, consumer direct trade (D2C) has exploded – giving products direct customer access and profitability, and giving customers direct access to products and lower prices.

But this trend is changing.

If you associate D2C with cheap metals, less expensive mattresses, and the best cosmetics, be prepared to change your mind.

Sales of Premium private label products are on the rise, creating a new vertical position in the D2C sector. Customers turn to private label products to get superior products and a better shopping experience.

  • Offline eCommerce

Let’s take this blog offline for a minute. We all know that e-commerce is growing and rapidly capturing traditional sales and high street sales.
However, there is a growing trend of taking e-commerce stores offline. Pop-ups stores, interactive e-commerce kiosks, and brick and mortar stores all bring our beloved online retailers to the forefront. Even Amazon is getting into the action, with its chains of light physical stores.

In 2021, we will see an increase in e-commerce products on the high street, home to pop-up stores and many channels that bring the internet to real life.

  • Shoppable TV

We were all there, watching the latest Netflix series and thinking “bad, that’s a nice shirt.” Well, soon you will be able to click, find and purchase that great shirt.
Late last year, NBC released commercial TV commercials that connected programs to the mobile phone app, enabling viewers to purchase on-screen purchases. And it looks like this technology will soon be installed directly on smart televisions, which has given a whole new concern to staying on the remote.

A TV that can be purchased at the end of the day will link viewing to a seamless purchase that benefits both buyers and sellers.

  • AI customer source

Artificial intelligence is already being used in e-commerce to make smart product recommendations, help customers identify products better, and help you with customer inquiries. In 2021, AI will help find your customer again.
Smart algorithms will analyze current trends alongside your products, sales channels, customers, and consumer behavior to identify the best channels, time and price to list your products. This will save hours of number sorting, creating graphs and writing reports, and will help products accelerate sales and increase profits faster.

  • ReCommerce

ReCommerce, also known as second-hand sales, will see a renewed launch next year.

Recent research predicts that the second-hand market will double within the next five years, but if you think we already exist and have done so with eBay and Gumtree, think again.

As consumers continue to be motivated by sustainability, instead of price, second-hand sales of luxury items will shake up the retail industry. This provides an attractive opportunity for brands to open their recommerce market and turn second-hand retailers into a desirable shopping experience.

  • P2P and rental

It’s no secret that the e-commerce industry is struggling with a huge recovery problem. Unscrupulous customers use the return windows to fine-tune their latest Instagram story or satisfy their immediate fashion demand, while loyal customers return items for consumer purchases. Can employment be the solution?

Following the significant growth of P2P (peer-to-peer) platforms, many retailers are looking to expand into ecommerce hiring next year. By giving consumers the opportunity to rent clothes, furniture or electrical items, you can increase audience reach while reducing returns.

  • Customized Advanced

Have you been on the Nike website recently? Now you can customize all aspects of your Nike Airs, even the background names.

Customization of a product is not new, but your ability to provide last-minute customizations at an affordable cost. 3D printing transforms production and execution processes to enable faster customization toward the end of a product journey.

Also, with the most affordable and accessible 3D printers, it’s just a matter of time before customization becomes the norm.

  • Fulfillment

After all, we could not write a blog about future e-commerce methods without touching the emerging technologies in e-commerce logistics.

2021 will see more use of independent delivery, smart sensors, blockchain tracking, and digital sharpening to increase delivery speed, efficiency and cost savings.

  • Smart home assistants

Google’s Alexa Home is great for lighting up, telling you the weather and playing your favorite radio stations. But they have also been quietly presenting the e-commerce industry.

About 20% of smart speaker owners use them for purchase-related activities, whether to order products, create a reminder, do research or track delivery. This figure is expected to drop to 52% over the next four years.


If this year has told us something, it is always an unexpected preparation. Whether you agree that these e-commerce trends will start in 2021, or do you think they are just a few years away, preparing your marketing strategies, marketing and filling the world of future e-commerce will ensure that your business is not left behind.

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