From the glamor of the 1980s to the first need by 2020, cell phones have definitely seen a big change in the last few decades.

While the early design of mobiles has enabled us to connect, today, there is much more we can accomplish with smartphones than just making certain calls. Empowered by multimedia functionality, a wide range of sensors, and especially a wide range of multifunctional applications, today’s mobile and mobile devices are commercially available.

However, that is not all.

The emerging technological advances woven into future applications have led to the development of these hand-held devices every year. More than 40% of the world’s people today have a smartphone, and by the end of this year, more than 300 million people will also jump on the smartphone bandwagon.

This will lead to the creation of more than $ 581 billion in revenue in the mobile industry.

The smartphone industry is in full swing now, and new apps have played a big role in its success. With each passing day, the power of these applications grows exponentially. By 2021, the app development field will also find some pioneer development to change the way we use these quintessential devices.

Trends in Mobile Application Development

Some mobile app development trends that will revolutionize the smartphone market are:

1- Apps for Flip Phones

Flip Phones were considered as a hallmark of luxury when they were launched, but the arrival of touch screen phones with one to no buttons made these devices obsolete.
But they are now making a comeback.
Companies like Huawei and Samsung have already launched their first range of foldable smartphones. These phones can be compressed or expanded as per the preference of users, allowing them to enjoy the functionality as per their liking.
Applications will now be customized for these flip phones as well, from the viewpoint of app development. As these phones are quite new in the market, an upsurge for applications compatible with these devices will be witnessed in 2021.

2- Cognitive AI and Intelligent Chatbots

The advent of Artificial Intelligence has transformed almost every industry or commercial sector. Included in voice recognition and face recognition skills, this technology enables applications to identify and predict user performance, integrate advanced security features, and identify camera-scanned objects.
In addition, the integration of chatbots into apps also enhances their capabilities. They enable service providers to interact with real-time customers without any interaction, enabling users to experience unique customer service and SPs to access user data collected from conversations.

3- Instant Apps

Applications that are the smallest size are currently on the slope. These apps are perfect for users to understand the basic functionality of the app without downloading it.
These apps are perfect for providing demo and easy-to-use or memory-free services to the user about the full creation app. This helps users decide whether they would like to install an app on their devices.
These apps are very useful when they are linked to digital marketing strategies and marketing strategies to reach the target audience and influence them to download the app. Therefore, it can be expected that they will be much needed this year.

4- 5G Implementation

One way to understand the growth of the mobile empire is to understand the diversity and growth in the range of mobile connections around the world. Today, 5G has become the standard for determining internet speed, traffic capacity, total installation, spectrum efficiency, and network performance.

The growth of the 5G network will also leave its impact on application development. 5G mobile connectivity features are expected to enable multi-player 3D, implementation of AR capabilities, and enforce data security.

5- Wearable App Development

Wear items such as smartwatches, health monitors, and strength bracelets have seen explosive growth over the past few years and are expected to continue to grow their market in the future.

Applications that best fit mobile devices and smartphones are why they are in high demand right now. In the US alone, older consumers of clothing have risen by more than 15% over the past four years. This growth makes sense considering the feeling a user can get from one of the kind features of such apps.

6- On-Demand Apps

The concept of on-demand applications is not new but it is certain that it is revolutionary. These apps have made life easier as they enable the purchase of any product or service in the area you want. They are easy to use and provide a quick supply of anything one might need.

These features have enabled this part of the app to attract more than 22.4 million consumers annually, who are expected to spend more than 57 billion USD on much-needed apps.

While these applications have been trending for some years now, they can be expected to grow significantly in the future. Their implementation is most prevalent in food and beverage delivery, passenger transport, health care and medication delivery, and home-based services.

Also, because of their superiority in sharing economy business models, these applications can be expected to offer very different features than they previously had.

Uber and Airbnb are good examples of these applications used for such business models.

7- Location Tracking by Apps

As well as Smartphones, apps these days can also track the location of their users. While most applications track the positions of users to provide their services in the target area, it is used to collect data about personal information.

Increasing site tracking is rapidly increasing in applications as it helps companies improve their marketing campaigns. They can advertise with ads based on their target audience, which will help them drive online sales.

In the distant future, this approach will be widely used by companies to increase their conversion rate, making the tracking area focused on mobile app development.

8- IoT Powered App

A world where everything will be controlled with a single tap on a smartphone display is not far to be downloaded. And Internet of Things makes this happen sooner than you think.

Not only in industry, but also in the power of this disruptive technology. IoT creates a network of connected devices that share information in a collaborative way.

This data is controlled by a mobile application, allowing users to remotely control their devices.

For example, users can use the app to turn on or adjust their air conditioner settings before they get home. Similarly, applications can be used to monitor equipment, access security systems, and cameras, or control devices from anywhere in the world.

9- Augmented Reality

The fact is that the Augmented Reality, out of all other immersion technologies, is the only one that easily works with mobile phones. It immerses the visuals in the real world allowing users to see the dynamic area.

Apps that use this technology are well-known among teenagers for their attractive features. The implementation of these technological advances can be seen in applications related to graphics and games that use the material to give an immersive gaming experience to users.

10- APM and EMM

Application Performance Management (APM) and Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) are two aspects of business application development. This technology is used to slow down the mobile application.

With the growth of mobile app development, it has become a tester to ensure the quality of mobile applications. Not only does it help with the security and safety of apps but it also allows employees to exchange productive data on mobile devices.

Wrapping It Up

There are over 2.2 million apps in the app store and over 2.8 million in the play store. In time, this number will grow significantly. It will be even more fun to see the features and trends of these apps that will follow. Every year comes new things, new ideas, and trends that show change. If we look at the 10 application enhancement styles mentioned above, we can undoubtedly say that the Android Operating System goes unmatched by a seamless experience that aims to cater to customer needs.

In case you are looking to build an Android app, considering the above-mentioned trends will help your business grow ROI.

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