You have established an eCommerce accountable website for your business with all the necessary features and functionality. Can’t Get More Benefits From Your Website? Do you get the sales you want? Statistically, it is estimated that there are an estimated 12 to 24 million eCommerce websites operating worldwide with many additional listings every day. So, while building a responsive website is an important step in bringing your store online, it alone is not enough to drive big sales. All you need to do to drive more traffic and sales is the mobile app to fill out the e-store. The initial cost of mobile app development can be eliminated by driving big sales over time.

Mobile Website Development helps Your Brand and Mobile App can help your business reach the next level of sales, improve customer engagement, and improve product recognition. But why create a mobile app after investing in website building, you may be wondering? Yes, studies show that there are more people who use mobile apps to buy products compared to those who buy from a website. For example, $ 189 billion in revenue is expected to be generated through mobile applications by 2020 (Source: In addition, according to Marketer, the average smartphone user is likely to spend more time (88%) on mobile apps than on a website. The share of mobile transactions between all eCommerce businesses is likely to reach 72% by 2020 (Source: Stista) – all of which is why you have engaged mobile app development professionals to create a mobile app that complements your eCommerce website.

Read the blog to know some of the reasons why the mobile app can add value to your online store.

Reasons to build a mobile app for your eCommerce website

Ecommerce website development is the first step to increasing your audience and growing your business. But an eCommerce app can take your business to the next level. There are many reasons why you should improve the eCommerce app for your online store. Let’s examine these one by one.

  • Advanced User Experience: Each time a user visits your online store using a browser, they may be asked to sign in to continue purchasing. This can be frustrating and lead to the user being hit. The mobile app, on the other hand, stores all user information during the first login. After that, the user does not need to sign in to the app when they want to make a purchase. This brings a lot of user experience. In addition, navigating the mobile app is much easier for most users compared to the website.
  • Use of phone-native features: Today’s mobile apps can offer immersion and interactive experiences with features such as the unpopular reality of taxpayers we see. Also, when using the mobile app the traditional features of the smartphone such as the camera and GPS can be captured differently from websites. Alternatively, due to temporary storage features, users can browse various parts of the app even when it is offline.
  • Marketing and Notifications: With mobile applications, you can send alerts and reminders to the target audience on limited-time offers, new product launches, discounts, etc. emails or SMS. In fact, the most successful customers today do not want to be bombarded with emails or SMS and such an approach could have an impact on your business. Moreover, a feature like geofencing can generate notifications for the users when they are near the physical stores outside their neighborhood.
  • Seamless checkout: The eCommerce platform may deal with shopping cart abandonment if the exit process is complicated. On the other hand, with the high interoperability of mobile applications, the exit process is seamless and fast. In addition, features such as mobile wallets (PayPal, Google Pay, etc.), face recognition, and fingerprint scanning allow for faster verification and transaction processing on mobile applications. Reduce shopping cart abandonment by using Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugin. Additionally, mobile apps allow users to save their billing and shipping options. This makes the exit process slower and seamless as users do not have to enter their payment details and shipping over and over again to make purchases. Therefore, it is better for users to purchase online information; there is a good chance of re-selling.
  • High conversion rate: The high conversion rate depends on factors such as platform accessibility, usability, and efficiency. Conversion occurs when a user completes an end-to-end transaction cycle. However, if a user encounters any issues during the eCommerce website transaction process, the purchase function may be excluded. While mobile apps can increase conversion rates by 3 times compared to mobile website standards and by 1.5 times compared to desktop rates (Source: Criteo).
  • Quick Response: Time loading a website or mobile app can lead to high or low UX. The mobile app delivers faster response as less data is transferred between the app and the server compared to the browser and server. Also, users can set their own default preferences, allowing mobile applications to upload precise content that users have set for themselves. This reduces app loading time and faster data recovery.


With Smartphones, our use of the internet has changed for the better, especially in the way we communicate, work in our daily lives, interact with our favorite products, and purchase. Mobile applications have brought a new dimension to our visual interaction and made shopping easier, easier, and less hassle. Increased competition has made it difficult for your eCommerce website to catch eye buttons and draw sales. As a business, you should explore every opportunity to reach targeted customers and meet your business objectives. Therefore, develop a strong, rich, and secure mobile app for your online store by involving a top mobile app development agency in India and provide the best shopping experience for your targeted customers.

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